connection disruption / revGoURL problems

T. R. Ponn alptex2 at
Mon Oct 27 07:36:44 EST 2003

Hello Dave,

This topic is interesting because I'm doing similar (distributing my app 
for many platforms and using Rev1.1.1).  My app is VERY internet 
intensive.  The potential for my customers to be using a dial up at the 
same time they're using my app is slim...but still possible.  I have a 
few questions and comments for you:

>I have several stacks that I have distributed as standalones to beta
>testers. One of my testers is reporting that his dial up connection is
>becoming disrupted when he uses the standalone applications. The apps were
>created with Rev 1.1.1, and he is running Windows ME. One of them uses the
>internet library, the other doesn't do anything net related, but BOTH screw
>up his connection consistently.

How is the internet library being used?  By that I the stack 
accessing a url somewhere on the web?  Or is it just accessing files on 
the local machine?  Are you using sockets?  After build, is the 
resulting DLL in the same dir as your app(s)?

I've found that when the settings in the disty builder result in the DLL 
being placed into it's own folder, things *can* get spooky...I never 
sorted out WHY...I just avoid using the separate dir.  I found a similar 
thing when I built for Linux.

If you'd like, and your tester has the heart (and a LAN 
connection)...I'd be happy to send you a copy of my app for win.  It's 
been kicked around now for many months without any probs...however, 
nobody has tried it with the combination you mention.  My Mac PPC build 
and the Win build have been VERY stable when used on a LAN.  I'm working 
some nasties out of a Linux and a Mac OSX build now.

Let me know off list, and I'll get you a copy...or a link to download from.

Best Regards,

Tim Ponn

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