OSX Distribution issues

Graham Samuel livfoss at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Oct 27 17:50:15 EST 2003

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003 04:35:30 -0800 (PST), Jan Schenkel 
<janschenkel at yahoo.com> wrote:
>Admittedly I didn't have mluch luck with Rev 2.1 on my
>MacOS 9 iMac, either : upon install it crashed ; it
>qworks fine, but I can't use the Distribution Builder
>to create applications.
>So for now I create my Classic apps on the MacOS X
>PowerBook, and that works ; when 2.1.1 final rolls
>around, I'll replace the one on the iMac.

Just a footnote to say that having trouble using the Distribution 
Builder on MacOS9.2.2, I switched to OSX (10.2.8) and things got 
worse. To start with, the OSX version of the DB wouldn't work with 
the config files that I'd saved in OS9. After that we got into many 
loops and frustrations, including saving the current config file over 
the original template, waiting forever to download the Windows engine 
(I have a cable modem with a fast permanent connection), crashes 
after the making of the distribution etc. I have managed to use it 
but it seems in a fairly delicate state to me. Maybe I should collect 
all this experience for bugzilla, unless someone else has done it 

How do other people find the DB?

          Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France

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