OSX Distribution issues

Graham Samuel livfoss at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Oct 27 07:22:48 EST 2003

Apologies to the list because I know this stuff has come up many 
times before, but with Google search apparently broken, I can't find 
the right references.

I'm building multi-platform distributions using RunRev 2.1. I'm using 
MacOS 9.2.2 as the platform to construct them. The Windows and 
pre-OSX ones come out fine, but for the OSX I have two problems that 
I don't quite understand how to fix:

1.  I want to give the user the chance to save a document before 
quitting - this is what I do on the other platforms. When RunRev 
moves my Quit menu in OSX, my quit scripts don't work because the 
whole app quits as soon as the Quit menu option is chosen, apparently 
without running any scripts. I tried putting the code in a CloseStack 
handler in my mainstack, but it doesn't seem to get executed. Is 
there a solution to this - I seem to remember there is one, but I 
can't remember what. There must be some way to run exit code.

and less importantly:

2. When I build the distribution, it goes in a folder created by the 
Distribution Builder - I then transfer this to my OSX boot disk. When 
I look in the folder under OSX, I see my app with the right icon 
(thanks, earlier respondents on this list and of course 
Iconographer!) but I also see the RunRev icon apparently signalling 
an application, real name Revolution.app, with what looks like a 
complete set of application folder contents. If I double-click on it, 
the OS says it crashed, harmlessly. What is this and how can I get 
rid of it, or better, stop Distribution Builder creating it in the 
first place?



PS IMHO there's a lot wrong with Distribution Builder, and it appears 
to crash my machine quite frequently, but that's for another time.
          Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France

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