How to use Rev with Media Player - anyone got a guide?

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Sun Oct 26 21:36:53 EST 2003

Are you saying that your software will do recordings when done? If not 
I prefer to use more specific software for my recordings. Why not use 

If the software you create is doing the recording then I can see why 
this is a concern.

I agree.


On Sunday, October 26, 2003, at 04:18 PM, Ken Norris wrote:

> Like others, I must be able to create A/V and deliver apps that will 
> display
> A/V on either Win or Mac (UNIX not necessary yet, but down the
> road...maybe). Setting separate sets of files is OK, but, e.g., how do 
> I
> record sound for WMP in Rev?
> If I'm going to use Rev to produce x-platform, that will be a 
> necessity.

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