Memory and file size strategy

David Kwinter david at
Sun Oct 19 18:01:28 EDT 2003

I have done exactly this with 4 sisterstacks (not substacks) - each 80megs.
When each is loaded into memory and edited a bit, the XP page file grows
~200 megs. When done I "delete stack" and the 200 megs is reclaimed, though
it takes about 4 minutes. I was never able to get the page file size as a
property anywhere and so a static "wait for 4*60 seconds" was needed.

Hope this helps

On 10/19/03 3:43 PM, "Jim Hurley" <jhurley at> wrote:

> I have a project which has 5 components. Each of these components is
> rather large.
> I want to keep the file size and the memory-use to a minimum.
> To keep the file size to a minimum, I presume I should use a one main
> stack with 5 substacks.
> But won't the substacks be loaded into memory as the main stack is
> opened? Is there a way for each of the substacks to be loaded into
> memory only as called for? And each substack closed and removed from
> memory (destroystack = true for each substack) when not in use?
> Thanks,
> Jim
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