memory dimensions in stacks and standalones

rand valentine jrvalent at
Sat Oct 18 13:03:18 EDT 2003

 Hi, all.

1. I'm working on a set of stacks which will provide quite a bit of
information, representing a kind of encyclopedic dictionary of an American
Indian language. I'm manipulating a lot of this info with various global
arrays, and I'm wondering what sorts of limits on memory I need to think
about. For example, I want to include a citation database -- that is, a
collection of texts which can be used to provide examples to users of the
dictionary -- this database could easily grow to 5 megabytes in size. If I
have say, five other array files open that together take up 10-15 megabytes,
will this be a problem? I just have no idea of how memory management works
with runrev stacks (or any application!). And of course, I want my final
dictionary to be a standalone. What do I need to worry about?

2. If I were to put my citation database in a text file, in order to look
something up in that file, does the whole file have to be in memory?



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