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Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Oct 18 13:03:36 EDT 2003

Hi rand,

>   Hi, all. I'm wondering if there is anywhere where I can easily get 
> more
> icons to add to a kind of "general" store of them for standard 
> Revolution
> development. For example, there are only a couple of "next" and 
> "previous"
> navigational icons in the standard set, and they ain't that pretty, 
> nor are
> the metacard icons that are included with RunRev. We could all use a 
> couple
> of dozen more, I'm sure! So here are my questions:
> 1. where can I find additional (pretty) icons?

Hmmm, search the web for FREE graphics...

> What are the factors that one must consider with icons in general in 
> RunRev?
> Where can I find a good discussion of this?

No discussion necessary, i think ;-)

Since icons in RR are nothing more than IMAGES!!! displayed in 
these images have just to be a RR-compatible format:
(Remember: we set the icon of a button to the ID of an image!)

JPEG (no transparency)
GIF (1 Bit transparency possible) or
PNG (8 bit tranparency possible)

> 2. how "consistent" are icons across platforms, esp. Mac and Windows? 
> Eg,
> can I insert an icon in a stack I'm developing on a Mac and will it 
> then
> show up all pretty under Windows (assuming it begins that way on the 
> Mac)?

Yes, see above...
(...although it WILL look better on a mac most of the time ;-)

>   Thanks.

Hope that helps...

> rand

Have a nice weekend.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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