must restart in OS X after install ?? - re: Monks

Brian Thomas runrev at
Fri Oct 17 15:49:24 EDT 2003

My Revolution CD, If Monks had Macs, is being beta tested now -- and 
several people on the list are testing it.

By far the most reported bug is that under Mac OS 10.2 the program 
doesn't launch right after an install . Everyone has got it to launch 
-- some people after restarting the computer. Or some as in this 
example -- after doing other things. Once it works, it works. I was 
aware of this kind of issues and kept a "virgin" machine to test the 
beta version on, but...

What is somewhat unique about If Monks is that it is not launched by 
clicking on the standalone, but on a document linked to that 
standalone. This is our weakest link only on OS X. [The reason that 
If Monks is launched in such an unusual fashion is that it contains 2 
application that can run simultaneously, and we didn't want to make 
it 3 applications]

So I guess that what is happening is that OS X is not recognizing the 
creator code link we use soon enough for us:

Here is a comment from one of the testers:

1) After doing the install on os x (10.2.8) I got a dialog saying that no
application was selected to open the "If Monks Had Macs" document. I
played around with Sophie and the next time I tried double clicking the
IMHM document the app opened without problems.

Sophie is the other application included with If Monks.


****** Does anybody know why OS X doesn't recognize creator codes 
right away. Or if there is something we can do to speed up the 
recognition? ********

****** Do you think it is outrageous to ask OSX users to restart 
their computers after an install:? ***

I'm using InstallerMaker to create to make the installers.

Thanks for reading this long request. But it isn't long compared to 
how long this software has been in development!!


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