centering ask & answer dialogs

Ken Ray kray at
Fri Oct 17 15:29:18 EDT 2003

> As a work around, what I've done is hacked the revAsk and revAnswer 
> stacks and in the preOpen stack handler added "set the loc of me to 
> the screenLoc", since that seems to me to be as good a place as any 
> to display dialog boxes.  Seemed to work fine both using the rev GUI 
> and when I created a stand alone, both on Mac and Win32.  Can anyone 
> thingk of a reason i shouldn't be doing that, or where it will cause 
> problems?

I can't think of any problems with it; Rev seems to want to center the
dialog on the defaultStack, so if the defaultStack is partially
offscreen, the answer/ask dialog is as well. I think what you're doing
(so long as it is visually acceptable) is a good workaround.

> and Rev Team:  any chance of including the capability of beinag able 
> to choose where to place ask & answer dialog boxes, using for 
> example:  ask "Can we do this" at 300,300 ?

Once Bugzilla is back online, I'd suggest adding it as a feature request
(if it's not already there).

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