Drawer and Mac OS X

Yves COPPE yvescoppe at skynet.be
Sat Oct 18 01:40:20 EDT 2003

Le vendredi, 17 oct 2003, à 23:17 Europe/Brussels, Wilhelm Sanke a  
écrit :
> Hi Yves,
> I remember dimly somebody had found out you cannot do this.
> But you can use my own solution of the problem where you can attach
> drawer stacks or substacks with any number of cards that can be  
> accessed
> directly.
> . Here is my post (to the Metacard list) of August 28th:
> "Reacting to a discussion we had on the Metacard list about the new
> drawer command and some posts on the use-revolution list I have  
> uploaded
> a sample stack "drawers2.zip" to
> "ftp.hrz.uni-kassel.de/pub/uni-kassel/Zentraler.Medienbereich/Sanke/ 
> Metacard/MetacardPractice/"
> The stack does *not* use the new drawer command, therefore the examples
> could be implemented on any platform and also with older versions of
> Metacard or Revolution.
> Two approaches are illustrated
> - changing the stack size - and even here achieving a real
> sliding-drawer effect
> - using substacks or other stacks
> Modifying the examples - that use substacks - you can create any
> reasonable number of drawers at any point of the four sides of the base
> stack that slide out  in any direction, i.e. also diagonally.
> If you wish, you could also go to another card of the drawer stack
> before it is displayed ( There was a request or a question about this  
> on
> the list).
> No "resize"-problems occur as they were reported for the new drawer
> command on MacOS X."

Thank you, I will have a look.


yvescoppe at skynet.be

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