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Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu Oct 2 22:30:00 EDT 2003


I'm using:

RunRev version: 2.1
MetaCard engine version: 2.5.1
Build Number: 1

on XP, and I still can't build a standalone with both application and
document icons.

You're using Rev 2.1RC1 on ME.

Different Build, different OS.

btw, if you install the altPlugins toolbar, it will put the version, engine
and build info in the message box each time you open RR. You can find it at:

> I tried to replicate the above on my eMachine using OS ME , Rev 2.1RC1
> and my app which contains 5 substacks.  I used the application icon for
> both the application and document icon in the build.  The standalone
> was built OK.  I just downloaded the evaluation copy of 2.1 for windows
> and when I get the unlock code, I will test again.  Is my test valid?
> I have not been able to get the standalone 'substacks'  icons in the
> data or contents folders to show other than the Rev or default icons on
> both Mac and Windows builds.  Are the substacks considered documents?
> Will appreciate your comments.
> Regards ... Bob
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