array on card

Michael Young myoung at
Fri Oct 3 08:41:01 EDT 2003

> On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 10:11 PM, Michael Young wrote:
> > How can I put an expandable indexed array as an object on a card. For
> > those few who have heard of LabVIEW I am looking for something
> > equivalent to how it handles array display.
> I know what you mean.  At one time almost all I made was in LabVIEW.
> I don't know of a direct way to do what you want.  I think it is
> possible to make a custom control to do what you want, but that might
> take some work.
> You might be better off looking for a way to address your immediate
> need.  What control or indicator were you thinking for your array
> element?  Can you get by with a fixed number of displayed elements?
> Dar Scott

My array element is a text string. I would prefer a non fixed length array
display since my array length may change, but a large enough fixed length
array would probably work.

Since, you know LabVIEW I will explain a little more about what I am doing.
I actually use LV now for a project that I would like to convert to RR. I
store simple comma delimited plain text files on disk that are read into my
current LV program. By simply selecting different text data files I of
course get different array elements in my program. My current text files are
a little more complicated in that I actually read text files into an LV
cluster with first element true/false control and second element string,
however I wanted to see if RR could do the more simple array first before
tackling the harder "cluster" project.

You know, I am probably looking for something similar to the Revolution
Tutorial setup but I want to have each tutorial number card be an object on
a card rather than the card itself.  I also want to see more than one
tutorial number card at a time. I will have to look into how I can do this.
Or maybe what I am looking to do might be best performed by setting up a

If any of the above makes any sense, I would appreciate your input.

PS If you are wondering why I am converting a working LV project to RR, it
is simply that RR better meets my long range needs and the current LV
project needs a number of techniques that I know will be useful down the RR

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