RegEx difficulties

Chris Sheffield revlist at
Wed Oct 1 13:47:01 EDT 2003

I'm using the matchChunk function to search for given words in a field and
then change the textStyle of those words to link.  I'm having a problem
though when a given word is found in another, longer word.  An example would
be "match" and "matches".  The word I'm searching for is "match" but I only
want to find "match", not "matches".

My code is

	if matchChunk(tStoryText, "(" & tWord & ")", tStartChar, tEndChar)
         set the textStyle of char tStartChar to tEndChar of field "myText"
to empty
    	end if

I need a RegEx string that will match only the whole word.  Kind of like the
wholeMatches property works with the offset functions.  Is this possible?

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