[ANN] libLinedFields

Trevor DeVore lists at mangomultimedia.com
Wed Oct 1 09:19:01 EDT 2003

On Tuesday, September 30, 2003, at 11:20  PM, Monte Goulding wrote:

> I just spent 1/2 an hour working out how to get decent looking 
> alternate
> color lined fields in Rev. Then I spent another half an hour making a
> library out of it and uploading it to my rev site ;-)
> Take a look: www.sweattechnologies.com/rev


This works great.  Did a quick test and on OS X.2.6 the margins 2,3,2,8 
seemed to work best.  If I didn't use 8 as the bottom margin then the 
last line of text would get cut off.


Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Multimedia
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