I need Distribution Builder advice

Malte Brill malte.brill at t-online.de
Wed Oct 1 06:07:01 EDT 2003

Hi Graham,

maybe I can help you with some of them, even though it is a bit complicated
because I do it "by hand":

>I also seem to have problems setting icons

Thats an easy one, you can copy and paste it in the finder:
You need an icon file (.icns I believe)
Try selecting your app bundle. Click Apple&i, select your icon click
apple&i, selct the thumbnail of your icon in the info window press apple&c
select the icon thumbnail of your app in its info window press apple&v

>I have had other issues with
>'Revolution' appearing in the app's menu for example, which only
>happens sometimes...

If that happens on X:

open the app bundle by control clicking on it. Choose show Package contents
open the file info.plist. Look for the word Revolution. Change it to your
apps name. I will look for the correct tags when I´m under X again in a few
minutes) Open the folder MacOs: Change the name of the File in it (named
revolution) to your apps. name. Now it should show correct in the quit menu
for example. You can double check it by opening a terminal window and typing
top into it. Your apps name should show in that window.

Hope that helps a bit,



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