Using Rev as a multiplatform GUI to control perl and shell scripts -- or is Tcl/tk better?

Ben Collyer Ben at THEHUB.CO.UK
Wed Oct 1 10:22:00 EDT 2003

I want to make a multiplatform GUI for dozens of perl and shell scripts 
that process and analyse logs.

I had hoped to try to use Revolution, because I know some transcript, 
but wondered how you simply execute a perl script using Rev, (without 
passing any arguments etc. -- although this might eventually be useful).

I am running the scripts on MacOSX, from the bash shell.

a typical command line to execute a script might be

bash-2.05a$ perl desktop/logs/scripts/

its a script that churns away for potentially hours, stripping and 
reformatting logfile lines, counting, etc

what transcript script do I need to launch the same script from a 
button in Rev?
And would the same transcript work on other platforms?

A friend said I should learn Tcl/Tk instead...... but is he right?

  opinions gratefully received


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