Substack trouble

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Mar 23 18:11:01 EST 2003

> When I open it from the msg box like this:
> open stack "devVK.1"
> It tries to run the script of the main stack and, of course, throws an
> error window.
> I looked in the docs and it suggests putting:
> on openStack
>   exit openStack
> end openStack
> ...into the substacks script, but that will prevent the substack's
> openStack handler from running, won't it?

You may be able to handle this well in just one place:

If your mainstack has only one card, or if you know it will always open to
the first card, you could just move your mainstack's openstack handler to
the card of your mainstack.

Another option would be to add a condition to you mainstack's openstack

  on openstack
    if (the short name of this stack is "mainstackName") then
      -- do your stuff here
    else pass openstack
  end openStack

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