unicode in 2.0

Toma Tasovac ttasovac at princeton.edu
Sat Apr 5 13:00:07 EST 2003

I am still struggling with unicode support in 2.0.  I hope somebody can 
help me out -- and Klaus, please don't tell me you already have an 
example stack for this... :)

there are two kinds of problems:

1) I have an UTF-8 encoded file which contains Cyrillic text. Importing 
it into a custom property and then using it in my stacks didn't work, 
so I checked the file by trying put URL "file:myfile.txt" in the 
message box.  What comes up is definitely not Cyrillic, but garbled 
signs and symbols. Now, my custom property is obviously not going to 
work as I want it to if the file is not read properly as UTF-8, yet 
from the documentation, I don't see how I can make that happen with the 
the put URL command.

2) I've tried a different procedure, just for the sake of testing.

set the unicodeText of fld "test" to url "binfile:myfile.txt"

What that does to my poor Cyrillic text is -- hold your breath -- 
display it as Japanese.  Impressive, but not quite what I'm looking for.

I can type Cyrillic in fields and copy unicodeText from one field to 
another, but the above two problems are eluding me completely.  I'm 
really agonizing over this, so I'd appreciate any help.

All best,
Toma Tasovac
Princeton University
Department of Comparative Literature
91 Prospect Avenue
Princeton, NJ 08544

ttasovac at princeton.edu
ttasovac at post.harvard.edu

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