Revolution 2.0 Beta Now Available - And Special Offer

Mr Tea mrtea at
Sat Apr 5 10:07:02 EST 2003

This from switchedon at - dated 5/4/03 3:29 pm:

> So now what? I don't see anything posted about a free upgrade to 2.0 for
> people who bought 1.1.1 after a certain date.

As I understand it, Bill, that promise holds good. Normally, you would be
entitled to free updates to your version of Revolution for a year from the
time of purchase, and that offer has been extended to cover all users who
purchaced up to a year before the originally advertised release date of
version 2.0 (about four months ago).

The special offers are, I assume, designed to encourage users like myself
who have let their licences/subscriptions lapse during the period between
promised and actual release. I have to say that the offer of free manuals is
quite tasty, although using the HTML docs has been pretty streamlined and
painless since I set Chimera/Camino up as a dedicated Rev documentation
viewer. :)

Of more immediate concern is the question of why all the graphics have
disappeared when I use v2.0 to open up a periodic table that I was building
with v1.1.1 (pro licence). The stack window is just a featureless mass of
grey, with the only visible detail being the contents of a text display box
that shows info about each element as the mouse cursor passes over it. It's
still displaying correct info about the invisible elements as I move the
mouse around, but where are the pictures (jpeg background and animated gifs
used for element buttons)?? Do I have to re-link them all?

pp Mr Tea


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