Way to ensure Rev app stays on top?

Gary Rathbone gary.rathbone at btclick.com
Sun Nov 3 06:31:01 EST 2002

Its difficult to suggest a full solution as I don't know the full picture.
However, A slightly contrived solution is as follows using Web Pages and a
bit of Javascript. It doesn't keep Rev on top, as such, but places the web
browser in a position away from the Rev app, so its visible (as Rob
suggested - I think).

I assuming the following is happening (?)
1. A rev app is launched - positioned top left of screen
2. This rev app sends an HTML file to the browser
3. The browser opens the web page
4. There is some interaction between Rev and the Web Page

Click here (the equivalent of Rev launching a URL - RevGoURL(tURL)- )

It may be polite to return the Browser to the users location and size after
This has been tested on W2k with IE6. Look at the source of the HTML page to
see how its done.

i) Whilst this is a 'live' web solution I don't see any reason why the web
pages can't be held and passed locally
ii) Using Rev as a 'Web Capture' application see
http://www.GaryRathbone.net/RevServ also presents other options.


Gary Rathbone BSc MBCS
Chartered Information Systems Practitioner

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