Real-time video capture and analysis

Tuviah Snyder tuviah at
Thu Jun 27 05:06:00 EDT 2002

>FWIW, I have a project which wants to make use of the same 
>functionality. We have so far ruled out Rev as the development platform 
>for the same reasons. I would also very much like to use Rev for this 
>purpose. Using QT6 would be fine - IF Rev could support the video input 
>functions, etc. If I can't do it natively, I would also be interested in 
>an external.
I'm working on it... What video functions does everyone need? I'm going to use the quicktime sequence grabber for this, but perhaps I'll also support the recording using the standard win32 api functions. I assume you would like to be able to record a movie..display it on screen as it's recorded, and save to a quicktime movie. I'll also be looking at all the other video software.

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