Strange Goings On

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Wed Jun 26 13:44:01 EDT 2002

>I open the Revolution folder on my iBook and double-click on Revolution
>About the time Rev finishes starting up, a Simple Text file titled 
>"Output" and containing "got there" appears in the Revolution folder.

Hi All,

I was able to solve this problem by replacing all the standard Rev 
files on the iBook.  I'm pretty sure the "got there" was a message I 
placed in a handler when debugging that somehow ended up in some Rev 
stack that is referenced when Rev opens.  I've noticed that sometimes 
menu/menuItem enable/disable statements in my stacks get applied to 
the Revolution Development menu instead of the menu for the stack I'm 
testing.  Possibly other scripted changes are being applied to the 
wrong stack?

Anyway, the bad news is this didn't fix the problem with lost 
animations or control id 0s.       :{(

Since no on can tell me where/how animations are stored, I guess I'll 
have to go looking for them.

Rob Cozens
CCW, Serendipity Software Company

"And I, which was two fooles, do so grow three;
Who are a little wise, the best fooles bee."

from "The Triple Foole" by John Donne (1572-1631)

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