Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Jun 13 15:01:01 EDT 2002

On Thursday, June 13, 2002, at 01:32 PM, Josh Dye wrote:

>>     I thought of it as when they register it, the program would 
>> send me
> some
>> information about their computer, and what key they used, to me, via
> E-Mail.
>> Then, if I saw someone registering with the same Serial Number, I 
>> could
> use
>> that information that I gathered from their computer, and like 
>> Derek said,
>> prosecute the original person that gave the serial number away.
> Does anyone know how I could come about on doing that?

An alternate method is include identification information as part 
of the key.  The Revolution method looks like it does that.  I 
think this has several benefits.

1.  A person may think twice before using a key that includes the 
text "Registered to Jane Doe of Doe Corporation at (313) 555-1212 
whose address we have on file".  If that exact text is required for 
the digit sequence (or whatever) to work, then it is essentially 
part of the key.

2.  Jane will think twice before giving out such a key.

3.  It is easy to see who gave out the key.

Dar Scott

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