Shao Sean shaosean at
Thu Jun 13 14:48:01 EDT 2002

> I thought of it as when they register it, the program would send me some
> information about their computer, and what key they used, to me, via E-Mail.
you need to be careful about doing this.. unless you specifically mention that this will be done and that you have the end-user's constent, this could be a legal nightmare (unless you live in a country with no privacy laws)..

> Then, if I saw someone registering with the same Serial Number, I could use
considering the serial number is probably linked to other static information that the end-user needs to type in (ie. name) you may end up getting someone who does the accidently piracy and installs it on two computers, but only accesses one at a time (which i don't believe is illegal, but some people do)..
to you this may look like someone has leaked their serial to a friend or something, but in reality they may just be installing that cool piece of software onto their new computer and giving their old computer to their children or other relative..

but then again, what do i know, i just release source code into the public domain ;-)


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