Old problem solved, new problems/questions!

Bob Arnold rfarnold at bu.edu
Thu Jun 13 15:43:01 EDT 2002

Sarah, et. al.

With Sarah's suggestion of "answering" each step of the routine I designed,
I located the problem in the decorations setting part of the routine, and
realized that the stand-alone had more substacks (resources) than the
original stack and that this was causing the error, and the inconsistency.
Problem solved by explicitly calling the substacks by name and ignoring the

Now, more dumb newbie questions:

Why can't I use "H" as the command/control key activator for my menu option
to open my "Help" stack? Is it because it is in the "Help" menu which starts
with "H"? I couldn't get the "?" char to work either for some reason.

Am I nuts or is the push/pop and recent card name listing "leaky"? -- I am
locking recent when moving through card-based animations, but still find
that "go recent" will take me to one of those cards (sometimes) rather than
the last card before locking recent. Had the same problem with using "push"
and "pop".

I imagine this is a really a dumb/dumber question, but how do I get a
stand-alone with a user-settable checkbox button to come up again as it was
set by the user, retaining those settings? Must I write this info to a
"prefs" file and read it back in on startup? Is there some really simple way
to store values in the application itself that I am missing? (basically just
button hilites and labels). -- they all come up "default" when the
application is restarted. I stoopidly :) tried writing the values to a
hidden field, but of course, the field came up with its original values;
same difference, duh.

Again, much thanks.

P.s. About crashing: less and less, but most often when building a
distribution -- it seems that if after modifying a stack I quit RR and then
restart, I can build the distribution, but (sometimes) when I attempt to do
without quitting/restarting first, even when closing and removing the stack
from memory, I will hang somewhere during the process.

Robert Arnold
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