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Kee Nethery kee at
Mon Jun 3 14:59:01 EDT 2002

>Kee Nethery wrote:
>>  So this week I started using Revolution to build a small app that
>>  connects to a database and grabs some data and displays it. It will
>>  allow an employee of mine to get data that previously I personally
>>  would run some SQL to generate. It's not the world's most complicated
>>  app and it isn't going to save me loads of time but it was a good
>>  starter. I compiled it for windows, installed it on her machine and
>>  it works great!
>>  So to everyone on this list, you probably know this already but ...
>Kee, I had been wondering if there could be a way for Kagi to support reg
>code generation in Revolution, maybe as a way of supporting those people who
>use Rev, MetaCard, SuperCard, HyperCard, Director, Applescript, and other
>similar languages to implement their reg code generator in scripting
>language, rather than porting to C or Perl. I was hesitating to ask while I
>knew you guys were busy with things like the shopping cart, but since you're
>here anyway, I figured I might as well just go ahead and ask!

We already run AppleScripts and HyperTalk. All I need is a framework 
for a CGI and I can make that into a reg code runner.

>Anyway, hope you enjoy Revolution as much as I do!

I do.

>I've been on easy street
>ever since someone told me about it.
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