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Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Tue Jun 4 17:35:01 EDT 2002

 From my seat watching the great success of REALBasic, my perception was 
that it, as opposed to other basic implementations, provided a way for 
VB programs to be ported to the Mac and was a pretty good version of 
basic by itself. Please note that this was my perception and may not, in 
fact, be the actual marketing message.

This is not a bad thing at all.

I programmed a lot in Applesoft BASIC on Apple II's and MS Basic on 
original IBM PCs for specific scientific applications. This above 
mentioned perception led me to have a positive opinion of RB. There are 
many terrific applications written in RB which I use and depend on so it 
obviously is a "real" programming language.

I discovered HyperCard and wrote a few applications in it and like it a 
lot along with AppleScript. Before I heard about Revolution, I 
downloaded and tried RB. I couldn't get past square one with it. It was 
just too hard for me to understand.

Then I found Revolution and it really is the "Holy Grail" to me. I can 
make almost any kind of application I want and it will run fast and be 
available for every platform. Sounds "real" to me.

Bill Vlahos

On Tuesday, June 4, 2002, at 01:48  PM, Lorin Rivers wrote:

>> RealBASIC enjoys a perception of viability
> REALbasic enjoys viability because our users get benefit from it.
>> not entirely of their own making:
>> by riding on the coattails of Microsoft's unmatched investment in
>> popularizing VB,
> This is an interesting theory, but most of our popularity has nothing 
> to do
> with VB and everything to do with our users' success. In fact, most 
> people
> who have used both VB and REALbasic vastly prefer REALbasic. Recently, 
> an
> impartial evaluator informed us that, in his opinion, REALbasic offered 
> the
> best object-oriented implementation available, anywhere.
>> the program is in the enviable position of being able to
>> leverage the huge infrastructure and community assets of the VB world
> Not really. While REALbasic will import VB forms and code, it does not
> employ VB extensions (ActiveX controls and so on). We have no 
> connections
> with the VB community. Most VB users would probably have no idea what
> REALbasic is, and probably think Apple went out of business years ago...

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