Geometry In "Multi Background" Stacks

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Fri Jul 26 18:07:01 EDT 2002

Hi All,


* Stack with 3 card types: title (card 1), index (card 2), and data 
(cards 3 to -1)
* Stack is resizeable, with min & max dimensions set.
* Controls on cards 1 & 2 remain in their original locations when the 
stack is resized; however there are at least a dozen controls & 
images on the data cards that change size or location when the stack 
is resized.

Problem:  If I shrink the stack while on card 1 or 2, the images & 
controls on the data cards are still in the expanded position when I 
return to the data.

What must I do to prevent this?

Rob Cozens, CCW

"Where but America can the person who lost the popular vote become 
President without a coup?"

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