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Perhaps I am missing something but I cannot see any way to separate the Test
phase (using the Browse tool - the hand - in development mode) from the
Build phase. Values that are put into all my text boxes, etc in Browse
(test) mode are saved with the stack, and when the application is built
these then become the default values at run time.
There does not seem to be a property of an item which forces the item to be
cleared at build/run time, which to my mind is the most logical solution.
Currently I have to create a function which manually clears all the fields I
want cleared, and call that manually from the Msg window before I want to
Save and Build the application. The "SaveStackRequest" message does not seem
to fire when I save the stack - otherwise I could just call my function from
Any ideas anyone ?


The way you are doing things is correct.  I've always had to clear all the
fields before creating my standalones.
Yes it is a pain in the .... but your little script to clear the fields is
the way to go until a new revision of Rev addresses
this issue.

Good Luck!

Rick Harrison

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