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Thu Jul 25 19:48:01 EDT 2002

This additional handler is great but I get a weird behaviour when used.
The highlight doesn't seem to go off certain fields.

I have four fields.  When I click on the last one the highlight moves in
sync however, the third
field seems to maintain it's highlight.

I've check all of the properties on the fields to make sure that they are
identical but this doesn't

Another click and the field selection goes off and everything is highlighted
on the same line again.
This only seems to happen when I click on line one and move downward.  If I
start on the bottom line and click upwards everything is fine.

Have you seen this behaviour before?


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Hi Nicholas,

The following additional handler in the script of
field 3 (and _mutatis mutandis_ in the other two
fields) should do the trick:

on mouseUp
  repeat for each item tLine in the hilitedLines of me
    select line tLine of fld 1
    select line tLine of fld 2
  end repeat
end mouseUp

This incidentally also covers the situation where you
have set the multipleLines property of the flds to

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish
at the same time."  (De Rochefoucald)

--- "Feasey, Nicholas" <NFeasey at>
> Yes, great, your script works nicely.  What about
> changing the hightlight on
> these additional fields as well?  I tried hilite but
> that seems to only work
> on buttons.
> N
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> Hi Nicholas.
> > I'm having a problem when I add fields from a file
> into a field.
> > I have, say, name, address and phone number.  The
> text file uses a TAB 
> > as
> > the delimiter.
> > I load it into the list and everything loads just
> fine.
> > However, I can't get the fields to line up.  I'm
> not sure what the 
> > issue is.
> > So, if I have the following fields with each item
> separated by TAB:
> > Joe Smith	123 Somestreet	416-999-9999
> > Nicholas Feasey	7 MyStreet	416-888-8888
> > ...when it gets into the list field it doesn't
> line up (in the example
> > above, for obvious reasons).
> These questions have already been answered
> sufficiently, i think.
> > Can I put each item into an individual field and
> have the three fields
> > (Name, Address, Phone Number) scroll in sync?
> This is also possible.
> In case you might need this in the future, here is
> how to do that.
> Example:
> You have 3 fields, nicely lined up.
> Field 1 and 2 do NOT have a scrollbar.
> Field 3 has a scrollbar and you just have to add
> this to the script of 
> fld 3:
> on scrollbardrag
>    set the scroll of fld 1 to the scroll of me
>    set the scroll of fld 2 to the scroll of me
> end scrollbardrag
> Et voila, they scroll in sync and you are happy :-)
> Regards
> Klaus Major
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