comments and questions of 11 july 2002 (AltGr)

peter.fink at peter.fink at
Thu Jul 11 20:13:00 EDT 2002

>>5) I can't type the characters \ | [ ] @ in the script editor on a 
>>keyboard, as they are typed here with the AltGr modifier key. How to fix
>>this ? (I'm not asking for bypasses).
>This may be a problem with some keyboards/drivers. Below is a part of 
>an old exchange from the Metacard list:
>>>  >I experience the same problem. Actually this is not @ but the
>>>  >right Alt key that is affected.


thanks, you point into a plausible direction.
the AltGr key counts as an option key, and the script editor looks for it.
My notebook has a left Alt and an AltGr. However not everything is transparent,
because a test keydown handler in a field behaved strange:
  on keydown ch
    if the optionkey then....
    pass keydown
  end keydown


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