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Feasey, Nicholas NFeasey at
Wed Jul 24 15:15:01 EDT 2002

It's probably me but I seem to have gotten myself into a situation where the
following behaviours occur:

I was trying to use the alignment manager to choose the order in which
fields are selected/entered in a particular group.
I had already set the layer numbers to the desired order but it didn't
behave as I expected.

Now I have the following weirdness on the go...

I click on a text field and there is no blinking cursor to indicate that you
are in the field.  
If you press TAB it does not move on to the next field.
If you press Enter it merely scrolls the field up one line.

I have the "Return Key Moves to Next Field" option on in each field.

Every time I go into the group Properties the "Don't Tab to Contained
Objects" is clicked back on even though I
clicked this off.  This is probably something to do with what I did with the
Alignment Manger?

Any assistance in getting me out of this very annoying situation (especially
when my little app is 80% completed and now this) would be greatly

Nicholas Feasey
University of Toronto Press 

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