Playing back Videofiles on multiple Platforms

malte brill malte.brill at
Wed Jul 17 07:35:01 EDT 2002

I´m building some small presentations playing back Mpeg1 Movies on Mac and
Win. It all works fine if Quicktime is installed. I´ve talked to Apple and
they allow to put the Installer on the CD if you fill out a simple Licence
Agreement (without charging fees). I tested it on multiple Systems and
realized that the playback Quality strongly depends on a) the processor
speed (>300 MHz), b)if the graphic card is onboard or not, c) if there is
enough Hardiscspace (>400MB) and d) the speed of the CD-Rom Drive.
While c and d might be checked or solved by building an installer, I wonder
if it´s possible to get the Processor speed and check if there is an extra
graphic card in order to disable
playback of video on low end systems.
Something like
if the system is slower than 300 MHz and has no extra graphic device.
 go card "sorry"
thanks in advance

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