re animated btns

Steve Messimer steve at
Mon Jul 15 22:34:01 EDT 2002

> Steve,
> Revolution supports animated GIFs; can't you make an animated GIF timed
> appropriately and just play it in Rev?
> Ken Ray


Thanks for the reply.  The answer is...  yes I could use an animated gif but
I'd rather swap out icons.  Its more convenient to changing the rate at
which images are swapped in my btn's script than it would be if I had to go
to another program to tweek the gif anmiation. Besides I really want to
learn more about how the image chooser is supposed to work.

Using this feature of RR should make my use of images in general more

So I tried to load up the images again thinking that the reason they
dissappeared from the image chooser was that I didn't actually save them the
last time.  So I loaded all of them again and saved the stack.  When I
deleted the images from the card they were again deleted from the image



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