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At 5:16 AM -0700 7/11/2002, peter.fink at wrote:
>1) menuButton() function: what is it supposed to do? it does not return
>a sensible result to me.

It's for use with stack menus. You create a stack menu by laying out the
menu items on a stack window, then creating a menu button and setting its
menuName property to the stack's name. Stack menus are more complicated to
build than ordinary button menus, but they allow a great deal of control
over layout and appearance. There's some information on them at the end of
"About menus and the menu bar".

Normally, you handle choosing an item from a stack menu in a mouseUp
handler. The menuButton returns the name of the button that triggered the
stack menu's display, so (for example) you can use the same stack menu for
various menu buttons, and do different things depending on the button.

For example, you might create a stack menu listing all your mailboxes, and
call it from a "Delete this mailbox" button and also from an "Open this
mailbox" button. In this case, checking the menuButton from within the
stack menu lets you respond appropriately to the choice of a mailbox,
either deleting it or opening it.

>2) newTool message: I do get this message for the choose someTool command
>in a script, but not when a tool is clicked in the object or paint palette.
>How to make that work?

I'm getting it, and I don't see anything offhand that ought to block it...
what method are you using to intercept the message?

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