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Wolfgang M. Bereuter wmb at
Mon Jul 15 15:24:01 EDT 2002

Hi Jeanne,
some "years" ago you answered:
> You can do this already actually with the Profile Manager. All you need to
> do is set up a profile for each object whose fontsize is set - one profile
> for Mac and one for Windows in this case - and then choose the appropriate
> profile in Distribution Builder when you're building the standalone.
> It's not completely automatic, but you only need to do it once, and in most
> stacks you won't need to do it for many objects - just those whose font
> size you've set.

After solving some more urgent problems I come back now to this problem:
Is there any way to set up a profile (change the fontsize for windows from
10 to 12) for each object with a script for all cards in the stack? I have
very much text fields in every stack (hundreds in all stacks), so it would
help me a lot if I could do this with a script.
Thanks for any help in advance...

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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