comments and questions of 11 july 2002

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Thu Jul 11 16:34:01 EDT 2002

At 2:16 pm +0200 11/7/02, peter.fink at wrote:

>5) I can't type the characters \ | [ ] @ in the script editor on a 
>keyboard, as they are typed here with the AltGr modifier key. How to fix
>this ? (I'm not asking for bypasses).

This may be a problem with some keyboards/drivers. Below is a part of 
an old exchange from the Metacard list:

>>  >I experience the same problem. Actually this is not @ but the
>>  >right Alt key that is affected.
>>  >So the person can not use the backslash (Alt-? in german layout) as well.
>>  >I use Logitech Wireless keyboard. So to avoid this "limitation" I
>>  >have to remove service program for the keyboard from the systray
>>  >everytime I have to edit a metacard script.
>>  >

>>  Could you expain a little more how you avoid this "limitation"? Are
>>  you saying the problem is related to the driver/software for the
>>  particular keyboard?

>I think so

>>Would that explain why it works (in NT, XP at
>>  least) with my "plain" keyboard?

>Just tried to load/remove the driver "iTouch.exe" for the keyboard.
>it seems to be the troublemaker.


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