Using XCMDs/XCFNs in Revolution

yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Thu Jul 11 15:33:01 EDT 2002

>Thanks for the reply and you are 100% correct. However, at least for some
>quick-and-dirty stacks some XCMDs would certainly come in very handy. So,
>I've tried a few more XCMDs/XFCNs, but they all don't yield any result. So
>my question remains: to make XCMDs/XFCNs work, is there more to it than just
>copying them to the .rev file using ResEdit?

i've long worked with HC and  crossed over revolution since 6 months.

So, I encountered the same problem as you.

1) There are externals with HC call backs. They didn't work anymore. 
Rinaldi makes now the difference in his website between the 2 sorts.

2) For the externals : many are built-in with rev. So they don't need 
to be used anymore.

3) For the others, I've written in transcript language the same code 
as for the externals...and it works fine. You don't see the 
difference in speed, because the engine in Rev is so fast.

Now I don't use any externals anymore. You are more independant to do 
so and sure you don't let any bugs. If there is a bug you can fix it 
yourself without having to wait a new version of the external.

there is well 2 things that make problem :

1) Table format in Rev doesn't exist and the chart with.
2) Print capacity is very poor.

For such difficult problem I use sometimes externals
(listtable-chartoid and prinReport). I hope those points are better 
with new versions of rev.


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