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At 6:15 PM -0600 7/9/02, Dar Scott wrote:
>Let's see.  RunRev HQ is NE of my house.  And my house is about NW of RunRev HQ.  How can that be?

It's possible for RunRev HQ to be exactly NE of you, _and_ for you to be exactly NW of them. 

The concepts of NW and NE define great circles (paths which circle the globe, cutting it in two equal halves). 

Any two great circles (that aren't the same) intersect in exactly two places. NE and NW defines two great circles that are at right angles, which means the two of them cut the globe into fourths.

If RunRev HQ is at one intersection of the two great circles in Edinburgh, you must be at the other intersection, on the exact opposite side of the globe. 

Edinburgh is at roughly 55 degrees North Latitude 3 degrees West Longitude. <>

The place exactly opposite of that is 55 degrees South Latitude 177 degrees East Longitude.

This is roughly halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica. My globe doesn't show anything but water near there. Since you said, "about" the choice seems to be New Zealand.

Of course, is "Southwest Cyberport (SWCP), providers of quality Internet service in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Los Alamos, New Mexico." So I'd have to say that, riddle notwithstanding, you're in the USA.


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