More & More Movie Difficulties

Mike Brown mike at
Tue Jul 9 18:22:04 EDT 2002

Sorry to keep bringing this up... but I still have not received an answer
regarding .avi support in REV.  I did test my .avi movies and script in
Metacard and they work fine.  The script is:

on mouseup
  play videoclip "moviename.avi"
end mouseup 

Same script and .avi file will not play back in REV.  Why is this?  Is the
play videoclip script no longer valid in REV or am I doing something wrong.
Once again, I am not referring to the QuickTime player but rather non
Quicktime playback of .avi video for Windows OS.  Maybe somebody from
Revolution can help out.


>Troy, on a Windows OS machine it would most likely use Windows Media Player.
>I'm not sure though - somebody at Rev could better answer that question.  You
>can test the theory by implementing the script in a MetaCard stack and playing
>back on a Win OS PC without QuickTime Installed.  I created several
>presentations this way.
> On Tuesday, July 9, 2002, at 02:37  PM, Mike Brown wrote:
>> Unless I am misunderstanding the Rev documentation, it states an .avi
>> file
>> can be imported and played using the play command in the following
>> script:
>> on mouseup
>> play videoclip "moviename.avi"
>> end mouseup
>> This does not use the QuickTime player.  Metacard also has this ability.
> Mike, I'm curious... how do you know that last statement to be the fact?
> If it is not using the QT engine, what is it using?
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