script editor @\[ ] on non-english keyboard

peter.fink at peter.fink at
Wed Jul 10 05:42:00 EDT 2002

- I cant type the following characters in the script editor. In a text field
however (and elsewhere) it works.
  @  \  | [  ] { }

these characters have to be typed locally with the Alt Gr modifier, or with

- Additionally, pressing Alt Gr opens the script editor (seemingly half
the time only, or Alt Gr 2x) in addition to placing the character in the

- my keyboard is swiss-german Deutsch (Schweiz) where those characters are
on Alt Gr positions. The same phenomen is also on the FRG-german keyboard
setting Deutsch (Standard) where all the characters are on different positions
(but all with Alt Gr). This is on Windows.


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