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I have a simple script that doesn't seem to work in OSX!  I'm using the 
"Functionkey" function to intercept the function keys.  I use a group of 
60 cards to allow outputting up to 32000+ characters depending on the 
function key pushed.  If the F10 key or above is pushed, it becomes a 2 
stroke function, giving me 60 Fkeys.  The functionkey function seems to 
be skipped and works for the default OSX function.  Anyone using the 
functionkey routine?

on functionKey whichKey
   global fkeyopt,Foffset
   put the number of cds in background keyboardcd into gnum
   if whichkey = 11 then
     put 10 into foffset
   else if whichkey = 12 then
     put 20 into foffset
   else if whichkey = 13 then
     put 30 into foffset
   else if whichkey = 14 then
     put 40 into foffset
   else if whichkey = 15 then
     put 50 into foffset
   else if gnum < (whichkey + foffset) then
     put (whichkey + foffset)
     put empty into foffset
     exit functionkey
   else if whichKey < 11 then
     put fld fkeys of cd (whichkey + foffset) of bkgnd keyboardcd into 
     SendCommand packet
     put 0 into foffset
   end if
end functionKey

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