How to set the layer of draggable objects?

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>> I too have found a frustrating inconsistency in a handler (apparently
>> randomly) not recognizing that the mouse is no longer down
> This appears to be a bug in the revolution environment as this occurs
> while using the rev UI as well. This activity has been reported on this
> list before. I've recently run into two variations of it again.
> 1). When clicking the arrows in the property palette to change the
> location of an object, the arrows get "stuck" in the down position (as
> though the mouse is still down). The object starts sliding off the
> screen. This can only be aborted by multiple command-periods (on a Mac).
> 2) While simply clicking an object in a stack, to bring up the property
> palette, the object gets stuck to the cursor and is dragged around the
> screen when you move the mouse.

Me too --

> It would be good if this could be addressed in the next version of Rev.

--and making the push/pop and go back/recent work predictably
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