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> January 22, 1998
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> I also agree with Dan that the headings should have an identifying tag.
> This is not an issue for those who are getting digests, but for those of
> us who prefer to consume our postings raw and subscribe to multiple 
> lists
> such an addition provides useful context.

This is a ridiculous suggestion and I trust the legs will fall off it 
soon. The problem is solvable by yourself using free or dirt cheap 
e-mail clients for selective disposition of various mails based on 
source, as I do myself for multiple lists and sources, which include 
both the use- and premium- lists here. Asking for clutter in the subject 
is simply imposing your problem on other people. Both in perusing 
subjects for important items and in those I file, I do not need rubbish 
at the start of each title just so that you can continue being lazy or 
antiquated about your mail management.

> J/
> Dan Shafer wrote on 7/8/2002 11:39 AM
>> Now all of this may just be confusion caused by the name of the
>> mailing list. I mean, I think you have said you want and value *all*
>> customer feedback on improving the product. So maybe you need to call
>> the other list something like "premium-support" or some such thing,
>> without changing its purpose and role.
>> It would be less confusing for a pain-in-the-butt newcomer like me! :-)
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