Problem with videoplayer on HP-UX

Jürgen Waibel j.waibel at
Mon Jul 8 06:15:01 EDT 2002


i just discovered a strange problem on building a multi-plattform application. 

as part of the application i use a player object that is used to play differnet avi-files. The controls of the player are build with different buttons. To start playing the videos i use a command like "start player id 1057". Other buttons to stop and continue playing contain something like " set the paused of player id 1057 to true" (this is for halting a running video). 

Now to my problem. This application is working on MacOS, Windows and Linux without problems. The Problem is on the HP-UX version where the button that normaly starts the player is stopping in and the button that normaly stops it is starting the video. Everything else in the application is working without problems. The applications are of the same building process. 
Has anybody else seen this problem before and/or is there a known solution to this. Any help is welcome. 

kind regards 

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