Steve Messimer steve at messimercomputing.com
Wed Feb 27 10:16:01 EST 2002

Judy, you said...

>While what I know would fit on the proverbial head of a pin, I too would
>be interested, particularly in developing examples and/or templates for
>k-12 instructional uses.

Hey whatever you know will no doubt be useful to someone. What I had in mind
was setting up a Demo stack that others could use to learn from and borrow
scripts freely. To do this we need to do a couple things.

1. Develop a simple stack to hold the information.




2. Determine the standard design for the stacks content cards.

Title bar: with title fld, <prev btn> <Main Menu> <next btn>
Explanation fld: contains comments on the example including why you might
   want to use it.
Object(s) needed to implement the solution.  ideally users could simply copy
and paste the examples into their stacks.

3. We might want to add some sort of simple database finctionality

4. Develop a method for updating the stack as submissions come in.

We want to have a simple way for people to contribute.  If possible we would
like to promote good programming practices but not at the expense of
excluding people who are new to RR.

5. See if RunRev would be interested in providing a home for it on their web


As far as the K-12 templates are concerned I am working on porting a set of
ed development tools from HC to Rev. I developed these under the name
Preceptor back in 1994. They will be implemented as a Rev plug-in. This is
going to be a commercial product.  While it is in development at the moment
I can only devote part time to it. ( Got to eat! ) It will most likely be
several months before it is ready for testing.  If you would like to
participate as a tester at some point let me know.


Messimer Computing, Inc.

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