Socket problems and misc.

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Wed Feb 27 11:07:01 EST 2002

I have been testing my (almost) completed application on all of my computers 
for compatibility (PC, MAC), and I have noticed some strange differences:

Rev 1.1.1 B1

OS 9.1 (G4 500)
OS 8.6 (G3 300)

Windows 98 SE (Athalon 1Ghz)
Windows 98 SE (Pentium II 400mhz)
Windows 95 (Pentium 133 mhz)

Opening a socket on a Mac OS 8.6 (PPC 300) takes a while (1 minute), and 
sending data to a socket (in a repeat loop) is terribly slow. The loop should 
be executing every 100 millisecs, but there is some contention that causes it 
to slow to once every second! I verified that if I comment out the "write to 
socket" line, then the loop proceeds at a normal pace. It is specifically the 
"write to socket" that is the problem...I am only sending a 7 char string 
(this works fine on all of the other computers).

Opening a socket on Windows 95 (Pentium 133) takes a LONG time (3 minutes), 
but after that...everything works fine (even my socket repeat loops are 

Screen FX are slow on my Mac OS 8.6 (PPC 300). The FX are fast even on my old 
Windows 95 133mhz Pentium!

Revolution does not like when my PC screen is 'Pivot' ( 
enabled (in portrait mode). As soon as I activate any screen FX...Rev locks 

Overall, I am very pleased that I can just copy a project I have been working 
on to ANY computer...the fonts and the patterns compatibility was a bit 
disappointing, but there are ways around that.


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