Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Tue Feb 12 13:42:07 EST 2002

At 7:02 PM +0100 2/12/02, yves COPPE wrote:
>1) difficult to do
>2) slows down the script. I must "visit" ±2000 cds !

It sounds like you're _not_ doing screenshots (sorry, I misinterpreted the use of "thumbnail").

Based on that, you _don't_ need to go to the 2000 cards. You can make whatever changes you like simply by fully referencing everything:

set the loc of button "someButton" of cd 1257 of stack "workStack" to 50,200

It would be faster to set the defaultStack property first, however:

set the defaultStack to "workStack"
lock messages

repeat with i=1 to 2000
--make changes, for example:

set the loc of button "someButton" of cd i to 50,200
end repeat

If the changes you are making are slight, then the limiting factor on how fast your script will run is the progressbar itself. Instead of updating it 2000 times, once for each card, update it every 10 cards:

repeat with i = 1 to 2000
if i mod 10 is 0 then -- update the progressBar
end repeat



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