Using Revolution for server-side scripts

Roger.E.Eller at Roger.E.Eller at
Mon Aug 26 14:13:01 EDT 2002

Wouldn't it be great if the Revolution/MetaCard engine (and necessary
libraries) could be part of a major Linux distribution like Red Hat so that
Apache would be ready to process rev scripts by default? I know that
because of the legalities it can't happen, but just let me dream please.

~Roger Eller

> "Digital Studio \(Australia\) Pty Ltd" <tony.perry at> wrote:
>> Great idea Jacqueline.
>> Unfortunately it didn't work for me, the error message from my hosts
>> remained the same.  I placed a dummy file named, into my
>> cgi-bin directory (didn't know where else to put it) but I suspect the
>> Revolution engine expects to find these shared files in a different
>> location, such as /usr/lib.
> As I mentioned, I didn't get a chance to try it, but the dummy files
> should go in the same place with the rest of the Apache libraries. In my
> case (and probably for most people who rent a web hosting company,) the
> libraries are part of the main Apache install on the server, outside of
> any user domain. I had no access to that location and I had to ask my
> ISP to place them there for me.
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