Rev and Databases

Dan Friedman dan at
Fri Aug 23 15:14:01 EDT 2002

Fellow RR users,

I read back through this list and can see that many of you are using the
database functions in RR quite successfully... How did you get any of it to

I downloaded the "DB Examples" from the User Contributions, but all I get

 € There was an Execution Error at 12:48:14 PM
Error description:  Function: error in function handler
Object: stack "/Macintosh HD/Desktop Folder/DB
put revdb_query(gtranconnectionid, thesql) into tcursor
Value: revdb_query

Am I required to install something first?  Delete something?  Stand on my
head?  Write a check? -- If so, how would I know?  Is there anywhere in the
docs that *really* explains the databases... Not just the function calls?  I
went to the "Database Manager" and followed the help there... but that
wasn't any help.

Any advise would surly be helpful.


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